Being a Witch

With this blog, I hope to share my stories and tips of being a witch in today’s world. Being a Witch comes with lots of questions, judgements and of course the stereotypes. Like any religion today, there are a lot of misconceptions and judgements that follow the stereotypes. I experienced a lot of those while I lived in middle Tennessee for four years. Most of the experiences happened at a certain job- I will not reveal the company for many reasons.

With middle Tennessee being a Bible Belt area, there are a lot of Christian beliefs there that are rooted in their ‘Jesus is coming’ talks. I was accused of putting a curse on an entire department of older ladies. This came about because some coworkers and I were discussing some similarities and differences in our own beliefs while on break. These older ladies, who were a couple tables away, took it as we were putting curses on them. Honestly if I were to have cursed them, or anyone else, it sure would not have happened while I was at work. On top of that, I had no reason to curse them- they never did anything to make me want to curse them. Another time I was told I was going to hell because I did not believe in Jesus and was not ready for when he came again.

The biggest judgement I have gotten though, is from other witches. I have been told I am practicing wrong, that being solitary is incorrect and I have to find a coven to be a proper witch, etc. I have told those people off. No two paths are the same, no two people are going to have the same identical beliefs. You may have very similar beliefs and ideas, but that doesn’t make any one persons beliefs better then another’s.

One of the best questions I have gotten was from another witch who asked what kind of witch I am. Being the smart ass that I am, my answer was that I am the magical kind. She was inquiring about my path more then anything.


2 thoughts on “Being a Witch

  1. I have a Kemetic (spelling?) friend who has noticed the competitiveness and sometimes meanness within pagan/witch communities, as you mentioned when it comes to doing things right. Seeing it in a second place makes me feel like it’s more pervasive than I’d realized.

    That being said, I would be remiss if I – a Christian Southerner – failed to comment on that injustice. I can’t defend it – the discrimination is indefensible – but I do want to say people like you who write blogs and try to be explanatory and open can help people like me, with limited experience, realize what is out there. It’s a failing of American Christians to assume that everyone wants to convert deep down. It’s really a hard lesson to get down when the Great Commission to convert has been made such a large part of your culture. Even so, Christians would do well to realize that the persecutions of the first century and the early church don’t give us the right to persecute other people now. Hate never saved anyone.

    Wow what a rant. Sorry bout that.

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