New York

Traveling is always more fun with others. I love visiting places with friends, family or even my husband. I travel to Disney a every January with my husband and his mom.

I traveled to NYC with a friend in April of 2018. We spent about four days there to visit the David Bowie exhibit at the Brooklyn museum. We ate at the Wahlburgers restaurant and met Donnie Wahlberg. We walked through little Italy and China town one day. We rode the train up and back, making it easier then driving.

I wish that when we visited NYC I had my small Kodak camera to vlog with versus my phone. I vlogged the trip with my phone. I edited the video on the train ride home. Some trips are more fun to record and others are better if you don’t take a lot of pictures and videos. No matter the type of trip, I find that a lot of the time it’s better to leave the phone in my pocket and leave my camera in my purse and enjoy the trip.


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