Do you ever feel like you need to hide away and let go of daily stress? Do you do yoga to destress? Maybe you don’t know what helps?

For some, yoga is a form of meditation. For others it’s sitting quietly in a room with candles that are lit. Others it’s taking a walk, either in a park, in the woods on hiking trails. Others it’s listening to music while people watching or sitting in their backyard.

For me, meditation sessions vary. It depends on what I want to accomplish during that session. If I want to detach from the hustle and bustle of daily life I’ll take a walk through the trails on the farm. If I want to quiet my mind I’ll turn on some music, mostly flute music, nothing that’s fast paced, and sit on the floor. If I want to meditate and try to astral project or something similar to that, I’ll turn on guided meditations or music I know will help me achieve that.

There is also meditation to fix the chakras, to help the natural energy of the body to flow correctly, etc. I have meditated with a focus on a specific tarot card that I place in front of me.

When I look for music specific to meditation, I listen to Celtic music and Native American music. I research the music and artist to make sure it is authentic to that genre. I also listen to whale songs and find specific guided meditation music/spoken word.


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