Back design on the Shapeshifter Tarot deck by D.J. Conway and Lisa Hunt

With all of the different divination tools out there, I prefer to use tarot. I use it to meditate, I give tarot readings to those who ask. The main deck I use is the Shapeshifter Deck by D.J. Conway and Lisa Hunt. I have used this deck since 2007.

Personally, I use my deck to meditate, give readings to others and in spell work. They help me with focus if I need to focus on a specific question or intent. It is all about intent when it comes to magic.

Front side of the Shapeshifter Tarot deck by D.J. Conway and Lisa Hunt

When choosing a deck there is no right or wrong way to choose one. Some will say its better to pick one out in person versus buying from the internet. Others will say go with what calls to you no matter how you buy a deck. As long as it is one that calls and resonates with you it doesn’t matter. Others will say starting with a specific deck as a beginner is best. Personally, as long as the deck calls to me in some way, I don’t care where I purchase it from. I cleanse, consecrate and charge any new deck whether I purchase in person or online.

Cleansing and charging your deck regularly by the full moon helps recharge your deck with your energy and intent and ridding your deck of any negative energy. After every full moon recharge, I will sit and meditate with my deck. I do this to reaffirm my intent and energy with my deck. It helps me to keep a connection with not only my deck, but to ground myself more.


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