Habits for 2020

Every year I hear others tell me their resolutions for the new year. I was never into having a new year’s resolution because I knew that I wouldn’t keep up with it or there wasn’t really anything I wanted to change. This year my husband brought up a good way to deal with it. ‘It’ being the New Year’s resolution thing. He said that he wants to have habits for the new year. Its not enough to just want to loose weight during the year, but making the effort to make a habit to be healthier. So this will be about three habits I would like to have through this year and onto the rest of my life.

The first habit I want to start is posting content regularly. This includes my blogs here and my vlogs on YouTube. Keeping to a schedule will mean routine will happen. By posting the same day and time each week means consistent content as well.

The next habit is to be more active. Not just to be healthy and exercise, but to just move around. Walking is a good way to be active. So is yoga and meditation. Yoga and meditation are both good ways to help your body. With yoga you stretch and help your body relieve stress and tension in your muscles. With meditation you can work on your breathing exercises and release stress and tension as well. This also helps you quiet your mind and focus on grounding yourself.

The last habit I want to have is a two part one. I want to enjoy more and travel more. I would love to travel the world, but traveling locally and seeing the sights of the state I live in or even a weekend trip to someplace I haven’t been before. I’ve been to Orlando so much but I have t really seen Orlando. I live in Maryland, but there is still so much I haven’t seen here. Getting out and visiting places is rewarding and worth it. The memories are worth making as well.


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