I am on vacation in Florida. I have gone every year in January since 2011. In recent years we have been in Disney rather then Captiva Island. Disney now versus when I was growing up and going to the parks with my dad, it has changed a lot. Even growing up and going to Magic Kingdom every year I saw the drastic changes. Changes that were for the improvement of the parks, changing with the times, staying relevant to the current popular things.

This year they have the new Star Wars attraction called Galaxy’s Edge. My husband, his mom and I plan on going to that attraction this year. We watch the new movies every year they come out. That is the big thing we have planned this year. We also are going to a Medieval Times show. Most of the time we either walk around Disney Springs or binge watch Star Trek shows. We also walk around our resort and if the weather is warm enough we will go to the pool.

I know vacations can be stressful with or without children. Some people are planners down to where and when each and every meal will be. Parks and rides are planned to a tee. I know someone who does this. Personally I have to much anxiety to plan that much detail. While on vacation we may plan to do something but we don’t plan every day of our vacation down to the second. Every person has their way of doing vacation that ranges from getting in as much as possible to relaxing and winging it each day and everything in between.

I use the downtime during my vacation to work on my blog and filming for my vlog on YouTube. I do this work not because I have to, but more because I want to put content out and be active in some way. I have an active mind and sometimes get jittery if I am inactive and bored for to long. While in Disney, I enjoy walking around Disney Springs because I can walk around outside and not have to worry about a ticket price.


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