Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge

Waking up at 5 in the morning to be at a Disney park before seven am sounds crazy. Hollywood Studios currently opens at 7 am for the Starwars: Galaxy’s Edge section of the park. The rest of the park opens later in the morning. At 7, there is an announcement to get your virtual ticket for the Rise of the Resistance ride. Pro tip- make sure any tickets you have are registered through the Disney app so you can do this. If they aren’t you will have to see guest relations near the ride to get set up and try to get a boarding pass for the ride.

Walking through the tunnel to enter Galaxy’s Edge was mind blowing. I enjoyed it so much more without having my camera out recording videos of it. My husband made a lightsaber- something he’s been excited to do since they announced it. While you can build a lightsaber without an reservation (you can get in if someone cancels or doesn’t show for their reservation) it is better to get a reservation and have a guaranteed spot. We were lucky enough to get in early in the morning due to a cancellation.

We rode the Millennium Falcon ride. It was different for me. When you get in you are grouped in flight groups of 6. You have two pilots, 2 gunners, and 2 engineers. It’s interactive in the sense of you either fly the ship or you hit flashing buttons to either shoot the guns or try to ‘catch’ the cargo.

The Rise of the Resistance ride was worth the wait. It has interactive characters who help the ride along- such as the resistance and the first order.

Going to this section of Hollywood Studios was worth the early morning wake up and going to bed late. We spent 14 hours at the park, most of that time in the Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge area. Worth the money and time spent. Staying for the fire works is also worth it.


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