Training my almost 2 Year old Horse

Yearling the day he arrived. Took a week to name him.

I have had my yearling horse (he’s not quite 2 yet) since December. He turns 2 in June. Decided on the name Sedona-like the city in Arizona.

When he arrived he was untamed. He was not handled at all until he was gelded- he’s not a stallion now. He was gelded then was brought to the farm I’m at. As soon as he arrived I began spending time with him, petting him. I cleaned his pen and started feeding him treats.

When I was able to catch him without trouble I would give a treat to teach him he gets treats for good behavior- much like when you teach dogs tricks and things you reenforce the behavior. I began taking him on short walks out of his pen on a lead rope to get him accustomed to being out of his pen and to explore and be lead to different places.

I mainly work with Sedona on his ground manners. I work on him standing and being patient, I work with him to get him used to being tied while I groom him. I have put a saddle pad on his back to get him accustomed to having something on him. We go on walks around the farm.

This is my focus until he is ready to be ridden. Hopefully by that time he will still be a calm horse and become a quiet trail horse.


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