Starting My Podcast

In todays blog, I will be talking about starting a podcast. I have one that I host by myself and one I cohost with my friend. At the time I am writing this, my solo podcast is about a month old, and the one I am cohosting has not been released yet. I will talk about both of the podcasts.

To begin, once my friend and I told each other that we wanted to start podcasting, she told me about a platform she had heard about. We both made our own accounts and began recording and figuring out our own systems and what works best for us on the recording and editing side of things. Once we began uploading episodes, and they were distributed to other listening platforms such as Apple, Google, Spotify and others, we really got into promoting. My set up to record and edit is on my computer. I am using one of my husband’s small microphones plugged into my computer.

I am figuring out the ‘how to’ stuff on my own. I have not taken any classes to learn editing, uploading or promoting of podcasts. I also do not have the most expensive equipment to podcast.

My solo podcast, My Misadventures, (yes that is the name of the podcast) is about different things. I talk about about different trips and vacations I’ve taken that may have gone differently then planned or thought how it would have gone. I also talk a little about my religion, how to try and stay out of a funk during the pandemic the world is going through right now. I even talked about how to avoid scammers on social media, lets face it they are everywhere and I have had interactions with them on multiple occasions.

The podcast I cohost with my friend, Spider Monkey Chats, is random talks between two friends. It really is like listening to two friends catching up on the phone or over a cup of coffee. We tell our audience about our own retail stories, current jobs, plans of travel, hobbies, etc.


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