Putting my life out there

Making the decision to make YouTube videos, or even a blog, I made a choice to put my life out there. While the use of social media- like Facebook and Instagram means my personal life is out there- I choose who sees that and choose how much others see of my life.

When I decided to do YouTube I was only going to put a few videos up, maybe some vacation vlogs. It’s turned into more and I wanted to share more in hopes that it helped someone feel less alone in the world with their own journey. I am not shy about my religion even if I don’t talk about it a lot. In the past few months I have not put out a new video due to being overwhelmed with work and school. Now that the semester is over I should be able to put out more videos.

Writing blogs, I hope that I can share more of my adventures and life that I do not share via YouTube or my social media platforms. I have stories behind all of the pictures I’ve taken and the videos I’ve posted.

There is a lot I leave out of my vacation videos. That is a choice I made so I can enjoy the time with my husband and any family with us. I want to enjoy the sights and locations we are at. I enjoyed the Grand Canyon a lot more without having my camera out to record every little detail.


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